Customer Reviews

Bizziebaby testers awarded Gold Award.

"A great product.  Excellent if you have a toddler learning to use their scooter.  Great for the school run." "Great value for money and a fab idea." "Wish I had one earlier!" See the full reviews from Bizziebaby testers here. "Our scooter goes everywhere with us so we can easily get between museums & parks and public transport even with tired legs. When not needed it gets carried in our unbelievably brilliant Scooter Bag from ScooterSlingz – I can’t recommend it enough."

Clare, Croydon "Absolutely love my ScooterSlingz! Such a simple idea but so useful. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with scooters."

Mumsnet Hackney "We’ve been begging for this to be invented and now someone has... The must have accessory for all you scooter lovers out there." See the full review here.

Colin, London "I love it!  I take my daughter to school every morning. I walk - she scoots next to me. Before I had your product, I would drop her off and walk all the way back home, and then walk to the train.  Lots of walking.  Now I just drop her off, put the scooter in the sling, and walk to the train. No extra trip home! It saves me a lot of walking. Thank you!

Louise, London "This is has solved so many problems for me. I can easily carry the scooter through crowds. We scoot to the shops and then pack it up to do the shopping. It's durable, well made and smart. And helps me store it in the home too!"

MummyIsAGadgetGeek "Great on the tube, on the bus…we were even able to take D’s scooter all the way round the world to New Zealand, knowing it was safe and secure on the plane! She loved having her scooter there while we explored and wherever we went – the beach, the bush, or the mall – it was easy to carry around when she wasn’t using it." See the full review here.

Clare, Malborough "The ScooterSlingz stops all the hassle of carrying an unruly scooter. It is an amazing product. I highly recommend it.. So easy and light to carry. Perfect design with the waterproof back"

Mathilde, London "Superb quality as the fabric seems really sturdy. I love the way I can hook it so easily. Super convenient as the bag (empty) is so small that I can fit it in my handbag without any problem. Super as well when we pop to the library."

Elaine London "We live in London and are always on and off the buses and tube - makes life so much easier to be able to pack the scooter neatly away for the journey, especially when the bus/train is busy. We also use it at home to keep the scooter out of the way when it's not being used. Great!"

Emma, Norfolk, UK "Was so pleased to find this carrier! We live near the coast and our walks usually involve part scooter-friendly terrain, part beach, so this has been perfect for us. Now we can simply pack up the scooter when we get to the sand. So much easier to carry. The ScooterSlingz bag itself packs into a small stuff bag so I just keep it in my backpack when not in use. A great product - would highly recommend."