About ScooterSlingz

Our kids love their scooters and so do we. They’re fun to use, great exercise, and offer a quick and easy way for kids to travel.

But they can also be a hassle to carry – for example, if kids get tired of scooting or when travelling on public transport. 

As a mum of two scooter crazy girls, I often had to carry one or other of their scooters (along with bags, coats and other stuff), or needed to precariously balance the younger one’s scooter over the handlebars of my bike when she’d had enough of scooting.

What I needed was a handy scooter carrier that I could simply sling over my shoulder. Such a product didn’t exist for my daughters’ 3 wheeled scooters, so I set about designing my own...

My dear and extremely clever mum made me several prototypes until we landed on the perfect version, and ScooterSlingz scooter bag was born.

As a bonus, I’ve discovered it’s also ideal for storing scooters at home, simply hanging them up alongside the kids’ coats.

I’m delighted to report that the school run is now far less fraught and we have a tidy hallway (most of the time).

I hope a ScooterSlingz bag can help ease your scooter stress too!

I’d love to hear what you think of ScooterSlingz. Please contact me at hello@ScooterSlingz.com if you have any feedback or questions.


Penny - Hackney mum & ScooterSlingz bag inventor