Top 10 Autumn Things To Do While Scooting



  1. Go for a scoot walk. It is a beautiful time of the year to enjoy nature and the young ones can keep pace with the grownups on their scooters.
  2. Aim for the leaves. It is difficult to resist a big pile of leaves when it all but beckons to jump right in. What is even better is to make a go for it on your scooter.
  3. Build yourself a conker collection. Just head to your nearest park, all scooter and helmet, and bring back a conker loot. The conkers can make for hours of fun and great autumn projects.
  4. Swish through the puddles. It is beginning to get wet and the puddles can be all very inviting, especially when you can make a big splash on the scooter
  5. Collect colourful leaves. Vibrant colours and in different shapes and sizes, leaves can be used for various art and craft projects. Collect leaves as you scoot through the neighbourhood.
  6. Check out the lights on the streets. Dark is already falling sooner. Starting with Halloween to Christmas, there are beautiful lights in the houses and shop displays to enjoy.
  7. Gather up the pine cones. Look out for the pine cones when you are out scooting and build yourself a bird feeder.
  8. Navigate an obstacle course. Leaves, branches, conkers, pine cones, etc. collected while out scooting can be used to make a backyard obstacle course to tackle on the scooters.
  9. Bag yourself some Pokemons. Find, hunt and catch the Pokemons when you are out scooting. We hear some rare ones are to found at the Regents Park London.
  10. Try your hands at snapping pics. Mums phone can be borrowed for some clicks when you are out and about. Who knows what interesting sights you can catch in the frame.