Stop and Roar; Our Ultimate Guide to the Dinosaur

They’re on trend. Dinosaurs are the new Tamagotchi… OK the Tamagotchi hasn’t been on trend since the late 90’s, if at all, but dinosaurs are on trend nonetheless and we don’t want to miss out. If your kids love dinosaurs as much as we love scooting then look no further. If it’s days out you’re after, films, books or toys, then we’ve got it covered.

Check out our definitive list to keeping your dinosaur crazy kids happy…

For places to visit try;

All the venues mentioned below are extremely scooter friendly, but we recommend you don’t forget your ScooterSlingz bag for that inevitable moment your child gets bored or tired!!

Crystal Palace Park; South London (Nearest train station Crystal Palace or Penge West Stations)

Time Out gives it 5 stars and so do we. The dinosaurs were built in the 1850’s by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins and are Grade I listed on the Historic England's NationalRegister of Heritage Monuments, there is nothing else quite like them in London. Indulge your children with the magic of these life size monsters.

Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs is a charity whose objective is to protect and conserve the statues have a look at their visitors guide for everything you need to know here.

 The park also houses a small farm, the Sports Centre and a great playground with a large sand pit so you can easily spend a day there. 

Horniman Museum and Gardens; Forest Hill, South London (Nearest train station Forest Hill)

Photo Credit; Horniman website

Dinosaurs: Monster Families; Exhibition runs from 13 February 2016 until 30 October 2016

Possibly one of the most family friendly museums in London, the Horniman is a great place to take the kids.  This exhibition has something for everyone with life size models and genuine specimens. Children can touch a real dino leg bone, dig in the discovery pit and come face to face with a Tarbosaurus skeleton cast. They’ll be talking about it for days after. Good cafe too!

For more information visit the Horniman website.

The Natural History Museum;

Photo credit: Natural History Museum Wesbite

The obvious choice for the dinosaur lover but a brilliant one nonetheless. They are world famous and you’ll see some incredible fossils, seriously life like models and meet a roaring T-Rex.

What’s more the museum run an amazing after dark event called Dino Snores For Kids.  This sleepover gives kids aged seven to eleven the chance to explore the Museum after dark and take part in fun, educational activities. Forget the kids, this one’s for everyone!

See more here

The Eden Project;

Dinosaurs – Land, Sea and Air: summer holidays 2016; Exhibition runs from 24 July 2016 until 4 September 2016


Photo credit; Eden Project Wesbite

The Independent named it one of The UK’s Best New Family Attractions when it launched last Summer.  This outdoor, highly interactive adventure is like Crystal Palace Park with knobs on. There are dinosaurs lurking round every corner of the impressive setting and a guide can teach you all the fascinating facts you need to know.

Check out the website for more information and some great dinosaur craft ideas for rainy days at home.

For other trips out also see;

Dinosaur Adventure Park Norfolk

Gulliver’s Dinosaur and Farm Park Milton Keynes

On a rainy day;

Entertain with Toys;

There are a million and one dinosaur toys but here’s five of our favourites;


From top left to right;

  1. Danny Dino Scooterheadz
  2. Trunkisaurus-rex Trunki
  3. Janod Wooden Dinosaur via Trouva
  4. The Best Years Knitted T-Rex
  5. Melissa and Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set via Alexa and Alexa


The wonderful Egg by Dahlov Ipcar.

This little gem comes via Smallprint online bookshop. Smallprint is a family run business all about the types of kids’ books that we love as adults, books that they hope the whole family will enjoy. They have many amazing books, this is just one of them, set long ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth, about the quest to find the owner of a lonely egg.

And Watch;

The Good Dinosaur

Credit: 2015 Disney Pixar. All Rights Reserved. Pixar

This film asks the question; What if the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs had missed?

It is definitely for slightly older children, this one. It has funny moments, strong messages about loyalty and bravery, but also many sensitive, more dangerous scenes. The animation is amazing; everything about the look of this movie is stunning, the rain and the landscapes often look real but it is sad so pick your day and check it’s suitable before you press play.

Take a look at the official trailer