Scoot Through Autumn With Mummy Matters

For Sabina Green, it’s being a MUM that is at the heart of everyday life and her blog Mummy Matters is a true reflection of the adage “Family comes first”. Sabina started blogging whilst on maternity in 2008 and hasn’t stopped since. In the ensuing 6 years, Mummy Matters has been a great record of her family adventures and a keeper of memories. It doesn’t end there though! With its honest voice and a regular mum approach, it has gone on to become a friend to many parents (over 7000 on Twitter alone!) and a very successful review blog. Sabina’s love of writing, photography and craft come together to tell compelling stories of her everyday life. The blog continues to grow and evolve and you can find more about it here.

Q1. First things first, how did you get into blogging? Has this changed or evolved with time?

I began blogging whilst on maternity leave with my daughter who was born in 2008.  I was one of the lucky ones, she slept for 2 hours twice a day so I had some time on my hands.  I was worried that my grey matter would turn to mush so I wanted to do something which would keep my mind active and would be nice to look back on in years to come with my growing family.

Initially it was ALL about the family and what we would get up to. Pretty soon I was contacted by brands asking if I would like to work with them and from there it kind of snowballed.  I found myself and my daughter travelling to London regularly for blog events and even internationally.

I think a blog will naturally evolve because we grow and change ourselves so our blogs are going to change with us and I haven't stopped growing and changing yet.

Q2. What is the cornerstone of your blog, the one thing that people can always expect to find when they visit this space?

I like to think that people will find a true voice, my honest opinion.  I'm a kind, caring and loyal person.  I'm a normal Mum who finds life a struggle from time to time and I share that on my blog.  I will never pretend to be something that I am not, I'm just me.  I love writing, I love being creative and discovering new adventures with my family, taking photographs, trying out new products and being able to write whatever I want.  My blog is the reason that I have been able to fulfil my dream of being a full-time stay at home Mum so I'm very grateful for what it has given our family.

Q3. What are some of the blogs that you regularly follow, for relevant information, a pick me up or just a laugh?

I flit about between blogs depending on my mood or if there is something in particular that I want to read about. But my 'go-to' blogs tend to be Mummys Little Monkey, ChelseaMamma, Rock'n'RollerBaby and Modern Mummy to name just a few.

Q4. We know you love to write about days out with your family and there are some great nuggets there for readers. At ScooterSlingz, we are currently running a campaign #ScootThroughAutumn aimed at providing parents with some great outdoor options for celebrating autumn with their kids. What is one such autumn outing that is a favourite with your kid/kids that you would recommend to other parents?

We are very lucky to have some beautiful places to visit in our local area which cost little to nothing to visit.  Whatever the season you will often find us somewhere in the grounds of the beautiful Burghley House at Stamford, Rutland Water, Fineshade Woods near Corby and Ferry Meadows in Peterborough.  They all offer great walks, stunning views and the chance to scoot, climb, build dens or just explore nature.

Q5. As parents of younger children will confirm, an outing can quickly change into a disaster if you just forgot to carry that one thing! What are your outdoor essentials, something or maybe things that you wouldn’t leave home without?

Haha well, I happen to drive an 8-seater van so I have a lot of space.  In the back of my van I usually have all their scooters and helmets, wellies and rain coats for wet weather, fleece blankets for snuggling back in the van, picnic blankets (just in case), baby wipes because they were the best thing ever invented and I normally have a sneaky supply of sweets but shhhhh don't tell the kids!

Q6. We are all out and about during the summer holidays, soaking up the sun. However, with schools starting in September, a set routine takes over. How do you ensure that the kids continue to keep active?

I like to keep my children busy after school so we will often go to the park or for a walk at one of our favourite spots I mentioned earlier and then go home for a hot chocolate and marshmallows.  At weekends, they have swimming lessons and during the afternoons we try to get out for some family fun somewhere.  Even if it's raining you can always have a blast puddle jumping.

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