Scoot Through Autumn with Honest Mum

Being a mum is a full-time job. But when along with this mantle, you are also the founder of a multi award winning parenting and lifestyle blog, you are Vicki Psarias AKA Honest Mum. A TV and film maker by her former profession, Vicki started her blog in 2010 whilst on maternity ( sound familiar?)to find her own voice and in the process has given a voice to all other mums by reflecting their passions, joys and tribulations. Her blog truly reflects her own multifaceted and fun personality and covers everything from family, food, fashion, film, travel, beauty and so much more and makes for a great read. What’s not to love about this honest mum! Read more to get an insight into her story, that she tells so well.

 Q1. First things first, how did you get into blogging? Has this changed or evolved with time?

 I set up Honest Mum in November 2010 at a time when I felt I'd lost my voice and was rather lonely too. I was suffering from a traumatic birth with my first child and after working as a TV director and filmmaker, I craved a space to call my own. I needed something for me during maternity leave. There were not as many blogs around then, hardly any really (that makes me sound so old but the site turns 6 this year so I suppose that's 96 in blog years). I was one of the first parenting bloggers, along with a small group of others, and am often regarded to as a pioneer in my field. As with all sectors online, parenting blogging has grown and flourished. 

Work-wise, I was actually approached by a brand two weeks after setting my site up-and forward thinking agencies were keen to work with myself and those other pioneering bloggers (they saw what was happening in the US and knew it was just a matter of time before blogs would explode here too which they did) Reflecting back, a real turning point for me was becoming a finalist at the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards in the Fresh Voice category after just 4 weeks of blogging. That nod helped me to feel more confident about my work at a time I was pretty broken. Suddenly, I felt my voice mattered again. So much so, I went back to directing commercials. As my blog grew, it organically became my full-time job and has been for the last 4 years. 

...As we all know, blogging has evolved hugely, as has social media. I remember having to explain to others what blogging meant in we're all aware of it thankfully and many of us use or blog on this dynamic and importantly, democratic platform. I love how empowering it is to be able to work in such a flexible way around my kids in a job I love- blogging is helping to create equality in the workplace and I adore my career as a blogger and vlogger.  

Q2. What is the cornerstone of your blog, the one thing that people can always expect to find when they visit this space?

I hope readers view it as a varied, welcoming online space. It primarily speaks to women in their 30s and 40s many whom tell me I feel like their friend which is just awesome. Whilst the content reflects my own passions, I think the pieces are universal in theme, they reflect what many of us are going through as parents/women in 2016, our fears, goals and loves. I hope people feel inspired and empowered when they visit.

The beauty of the internet is, like minded people will find and gravitate towards your site whatever it is you write about. SEO is a magnetic field essentially. 

 Q3. What are some of the blogs that you regularly follow, for relevant information, a pick me up or just a laugh?

I follow so many parenting blogs there are literally too many to mention here (and I don't want to miss anyone out accidentally) so I'll include my two favourite non-parenting blog instead. The two blogs I can't live without are-my great friend Lela London's exquisite blog which is a lifestyle and travel blog and I adore the brilliant The Elle Next Door Both are smart, sisterly and incredibly gifted bloggers and vloggers. 

Q4. We know you love to write about days out with your family and there are some great nuggets there for readers. At ScooterSlingz, we are currently running a campaign #ScootThroughAutumn aimed at providing parents with some great outdoor options for celebrating autumn with their kids. What is one such autumn outing that is a favourite with your kid/kids that you would recommend to other parents?

We adore Beningbrough Hall in York and were only just there again this weekend. A Georgian mansion with the most fairtylale-esque grounds including the most magical playground imaginable enveloped by a forest (wooden horses and an area where you can build teepee playhouses with branches), it's one of this family's most favourite places. 

 Q5. As parents of younger children will confirm, an outing can quickly change into a disaster if you just forgot to carry that one thing! What are your outdoor essentials, something or maybe things that you wouldn’t leave home without?

'Never leave home without wet wipes' is my own personal rule-even without the kids! What did we ever do without them?! We always make sure we have umbrellas in the boot too and a change of clothes if things get messy!

 Q6. We are all out and about during the summer holidays, soaking up the sun. However, with schools starting in September, a set routine takes over. How do you ensure that the kids continue to keep active?

We play a lot in the garden and live close to a river in Yorkshire in the most picturesque of villages so we spend a lot of time outdoors. I'm in London at least one day a week so get my city fix there and love to walk as much as possible. 

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