Scoot Through Autumn

We recently concluded with our #ParentLifeMadeEasy campaign. The campaign ran through the summer and got us discussing the many parenting lifesavers that help with everyday parenting challenges – family, friends, hacks and some nifty products tailored especially to the needs of the parents, akin to ScooterSlingz from our own stable. We shared a lot and learnt a lot from our readers, bloggers and other mumpreneurs.

Now the air is getting crisper and the colours more vibrant, AUTUMN is here! There can sometimes be a lull at this time of the year as we try and get our heads around the school routine (reminisce about summer time) and eagerly wait for the Christmas festivities to start. It doesn't have to be that way. The little heads don't need to disappear behind their screens, at least not yet!

A whole host of fun-filled activities and day outs await those willing to wrap up, put on their cosy, colourful jumpers and bright wellies and head out. Whether you enjoy walking, cycling or scooting, there is something for everyone to do in this glorious season. This week we are kicking off our new campaign #ScootThroughAutumn to bring you all such delights and even more. To inspire you to jump in the leaves, go apple picking, collect acorns, scoot through the lovely British Gardens, get spooked, go on the best pumpkin hunt and all things autumn. For any outings with kids to be a success, parents need to be armed, very well. This could be anything from a simple list of things to take, a bag that can fit it all or a ScooterSlingz for when the scooting enthusiasm wanes. Do remember that when heading out!

All of us have our go-to blogs that keep us informed, sane and well humoured through our parenting journey. Through the campaign, we will get you close to some of our favourite ones offering great tips, advice, day out ideas and sharing the joy of bringing up a happy child. Look out for some great autumn outings recommendations and outdoor essentials to help you enjoy the day without boohoos.

Please watch out for our competition #AutumnOutings that will be coming very soon to complement all the outdoorsy fun and excitement. We will be inviting all of you to share your favourite autumn outings (and it could very well be one of those you picked up on our page, we wouldn't tell) for a chance to win our fabulous product, a ScooterSlingz bag. The ScooterSlingz bag is a great product for parents of scooter fans. When the scooter is not in use, it can be folded and carried around with ease. One less thing to worry about, when you are busy balancing a million others.

To make the most of this autumn season, find great tips to plan your days out, to be safe and organised, like our page on Facebook and Twitter. See you soon!