#ParentLifeMadeEasy Tip of The Week for Parents of Toddlers

Alexandra Faint

For the past five weeks we’ve found all sorts of different ways in which parent life can be made easier. Here’s our top tips for parents with toddlers...

  1. The Snoozeshade; Fits safely and snuggly over the buggy to help babies and toddlers sleep on the go. Visit for more information.


  1. Tiba and Marl Snack Pack; Snacks are a must have when it comes to getting out and about with toddlers, we love this cool, insulated bag for carrying them in.


  1. Bubbles; Whatever age they are children go wild for bubbles. A must have for the home. If all else fails reach for the bubbles.  This fish design is great value for money and good fun from Early Learning Centre. Visit for more information.


  1. The ScooterSlingz Bag; A brilliant accessory for scooter loving children. Especially great for toddlers who are learning to scoot. When they get tired or bored you can pack the scooter away in the ScooterSlingz bag and carry comfortably during the rest of your outing. See the full range here…


  1. Food Face Plates; For many parents of toddlers mealtimes can be hard work, but making it fun can make all the difference. Add food to these plates to create silly faces…the possibilities are endless. Available to buy at


  1. Blindsides; Find it frustrating that light seeps through the sides of your blackout blinds? With blindsides this is no longer a problem, they fit to the sides to ensure that no light enters the room helping toddlers to sleep soundly all night!! Visit for more information.