Looking Back and Looking Forward… With Friends

We’re in the penultimate week of our #ParentLifeMadeEasy campaign so we’re reflecting on what we’ve learnt and giving you a snippet of what’s to come over the final two weeks.

We’ve found some fantastic products to help us stumble through and met some amazing mums who have joined in with their words of wisdom. Whatever their circumstance we’ve established one common theme and that is, that having a good support network, whether that be family, friends, groups, colleagues or partners, is the most important part of making parent life more enjoyable.

We ran our #ParentingLifesaver competition for two weeks on Facebook and Twitter and whilst we’ve had some brilliant entries, helping us giggle along the way, the following all hit the nail on the head;

Our founder Penny Othen knows all about the importance of support. Not only did her mum get on board with the development of the ScooterSlingz and made several prototypes before the perfect version was created, but she works with Digital Mums. They train mums to be strategic social media managers and purposefully created a huge community whereby the mums all support each other.

So, over the next two weeks #ParentLifeMadeEasy is going to focus on what makes us and the little people happy. Let’s face it the happier they are, the happier we are. We’ll be finding some great parent networks and seeking out the gurus who know how to make our kids happy. By the end of the campaign parenting will be a breeze.