Kids Classes

Alexandra Faint

They can be socially a bit awkward, repetitive and energy drainers but boy can they be life savers. Turning up to classes with a load of other mums, dads, grandparents or childminders, (basically anyone looking after small children), can be daunting.  They might not be your cup of tea, but they are in fact a great source of entertainment and in many instances very educational, so if you can, you should give them a go. We’ve picked four we think are worth going to and here’s our real account of reasons why... If nothing else the kids are almost guaranteed to nap afterwards!


You will have such a good time you will wonder if you go to the class for the benefit of your child or just to have a good time. They offer classes for all ages from six months to five years….to thirty-five years!! In each class they will take you on a sound journey with hundreds of original songs. If you think you might go mad if you have to listen to the wheels on the bus one more time, this is perfect for you, the music is fantastic. Everything about this class is original and they really do take your children on a journey using amazing props, dance, drama, lighting and mainly vast amounts of enthusiasm, to bring it to life. Don’t take our word for it take a look at their website or go for a free trial.

Sing and Sign;

Sasha Felix is without doubt, to the world of kids classes, what Annabel Karmel is to kids food! She features in all the Sing and Sign DVDs and paraphernalia and you might even see her pop up at the odd farm telling you the sign for different animals.  You may go to these classes for a while and wonder why your child isn’t signing but keep the faith and persist, then one day they will surprise you. Everything that these classes stand for can only have a positive effect on your child. OK there’s no disco, props or crazy lighting but it’s interesting and genuinely educational. Sing and Sign uses all sorts of signs and gestures to encourage your child to communicate and talk, visit their website to learn more and find a class near you.

Talking Tots;

The great thing about Talking Tots is the variety of activities covered in one session. We all know children's attention spans are practically non-existent but in these classes there’s toys, dancing, puzzles, parachutes and they get a sticker at the end, which is always a winner. These classes are very well organised and structured and genuinely aim to improve your child’s communication skills and build their confidence. See their website for a more detail description of all the benefits and where to find a class;

Music For Little People;

Once you have gone to these classes your child will never look at you in the same way. They are run by people who can actually sing, like, really sing. From here on in you will have to play music to get them to sleep, your voice just won’t cut the mustard. These classes are lovely and run by people who know a lot about music, all different varieties. They expose your children to everything from The Beach Boys to Tschaikovsky via traditional Japanese music. Most importantly they learn listening and rhythmic skills. A pleasurable way to spend an hour a week. Take a look at their website for more details;