5 minutes with Boo Roo and Tigger Too

We were lucky enough to chat recently to the fantastic Sarah at Boo Roo and Tigger Too about blogging, her scooter loving kids, her parenting lifesavers and much more.  You can hear more from Sarah at


First things first, how did you get into blogging? Has this changed or evolved with time?

I started blogging back in August 2011, as I was preparing to return to work following maternity leave with Tigger.  During my maternity leave I had read many blogs and the majority of them were from SAHMs and as I was returning to employment I wanted to share what life was like juggling work as well as having children.

Over the past five years my life and blog has changed somewhat.  We welcomed Piglet into our family in Nov 2015 and she has turned our lives upside down in a good way.  I no longer go out to work after being made redundant earlier this year which came as a bit of a shock after working for the same Trust for 15 years.  My blog has evolved to allow me to earn a living from it and enable me to work from home around the needs of my family.

What is the cornerstone of your blog, the one thing that people can always expect to find when they visit this space?

I’d like to think that my readers always get a slice of me and my family.  Whilst I accept guest post submissions on my site, the posts that I write are something that I have spent time thinking about, fretting about and of course, typing up before I finally press publish.  There is still a big part of me that feels nervous whenever I press the publish button, another little part of me out there for the world to read.

What are some of the blogs that you regularly follow, for relevant information, a pick me up or just a laugh?

I read a variety of different blogs, all for different reasons.  For my dose of family life and the realities that brings I turn to Sabina from Mummy Matters and Debbie from An Organised Mess.  If I’m looking for crafting inspiration I can never fail to find something from Jen at The Mad House or if I’m in need of food ideas I head over to Emily at A Mummy Too.  The amazing thing about blogging is that each one of us is different so you are always able to find a blogger that has published a post about whatever it is that you’re looking for.

We know you love to write about days out with your family and there are some great nuggets there for readers. At ScooterSlingz we're all for getting outside with the kids.  What is a favourite outing with your kids that you would recommend to other parents?

As a parent I think it is sometimes easy to feel as though we need to give our children grand days out.  Visits to theme parks, zoos and such like, when in fact a trip to the local park or woods will make them just as happy and cost you nothing.  Creating a scavenger hunt list for items you want them to look for when they are out and about will keep them occupied as well as getting them really looking at the world around them instead of letting it all just pass them by.

As parents of younger children will confirm, an outing can quickly change into a disaster if you just forget to carry that one thing! What are your outdoor essentials, something or maybe things that you wouldn’t leave home without?

I’m hoping that by children number three I’m a little more organised than I was with my first.  I do carry a box of spare items in the boot of my car, which contains:

  • Baby wipes (you can never have too many of those)
  • Towel (rain, vomit, toilet incidents, impromptu visits to the beach etc)
  • Underwear
  • Snacks and water bottles
  • Carrier bags (wet clothes, rubbish, muddy tyres on the pushchair)
  • Spare change (car parks and ice cream trips)

It's more difficult to be out and about during these Winter months. How do you ensure that the kids continue to keep active?

We are fortunate to live in an area which allows us to walk to and from school each day instead of having to take the car.  To vary up the school run the children take their scooters and we walk different ways home, which not only helps us explore the local area but it keeps the children active too.