10 Travel Hacks for Parents

Penny Othen

It may be cold and grey outside but January is surely the best time to start thinking about taking a summer holiday? If you’re thinking about booking one soon, have a look at these 10 travel hacks for parents. These simple ideas can make travelling with small children so much easier. It’s not surprising that we think number seven is particularly important – kids love to scoot and the ScooterSlingz bag makes travelling with the scooter so much easier.

  1. For air travel: bring along empty water bottles for all, then fill up at a fountain after security.
  2. Pack shoes in cheap plastic shower caps – keeps them from messing up your suitcase.
  3. Embrace the roll – to save precious space in your suitcase, roll your clothes rather than folding them.
  4. Reward patience and good behaviour with goodie bags to give out on the journey – vary their contents so the kids don’t get bored.
  5. Ziploc bags are your friends – make sure you have multiple sizes and they can be used for many things – keeping things dry on the beach, organising art materials and games for kids, and storing wipes and other essentials.
  6. Pack in “layers” – with a smaller bag or two available to you. Items like laptops in smaller bags are good if you need to take them with you while on a bus / plane / train.
  7. If your child is too big for a buggy but too small to walk everywhere, a scooter is the perfect solution – just don’t forget the ScooterSlingz bag for times when you don’t want them scooting around. So much easier than carrying around by hand. It also means you can easily carry your scooter on as hand luggage.
  8. Save on checked baggage by packing all the toiletries in one larger bag with shoes and heavy items. Check this bag and carry the other luggage on.
  9. Make a Road Trip Kid Organizer. Shoe organizers have more useful aspects than simply organizing your shoes. Attach on to the back of the driver and/or passenger seat for kids to use for toys, snacks, tissues, etc.
  10. Heading to the beach or pool? Place your phone in a ziplock to keep it from getting wet – and sandy.