Come on in, we’re #WheelyFriendly

We know that many of you, as well as travelling with your kids’ scooters, also have younger children in buggies. We realise too that lots of you are cyclists.

So we’re on a mission to make it easier to travel into and around our cities on public transport and/or bikes, and visit those cities’ attractions.

We’ve been checking how scooter/buggy/bike friendly some of London’s main attractions are, and will be sharing our findings in our #WheelyFriendly social media campaign and blog posts – for starters, please check out this week’s post on 5 Fabulous Family Friendly Museums.

We’d also love to hear about your experiences of visiting your favourite sights, restaurants, outdoor spaces and other attractions in London with scooters/buggies/bikes. Please share on Twitter or Facebook using the #WheelyFriendly hashtag.

By the way, our apologies to non-Londoners – we’ve started here because we’re a small team and that’s where we’re based, but we’d love to hear from you about the facilities in cities where you live too.


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