It’s going to be a sizzling #ScooterSummer...

Alison Hjul

If you’ve been following ScooterSlingz on social media, you’ll know that we love to share stories, photos, news and events that we hope will entertain, inform and help our readers.

So we’ve posted about places to visit with your kids and their scooters. Outdoor adventures. Cycling trips. Family friendly holidays.

But, while we’ve discovered lots of fun and exciting activities – and will, of course, continue to share these with you – we’d really like to see more of a scooting spin on things.

Such as, do your favourite museums provide scooter storage? Or which London parks are best for scooting kids? Or what are our kids’ favourite wild spaces to go on their scooters?

And, in true ScooterSlingz style, because nobody out there in the webosphere is doing enough of this, we’ve decided to do it ourselves!

So welcome to the new ScooterSlingz blog. We’re about making scooting fun more fun, and look forward to sharing our stories and photos about great scooting days out with kids and their scooters – and finding out about your favourite scooting moments too.

But we’re also about making life easier for parents. After all, the ScooterSlingz bag was invented to take the hassle out of carrying or storing kids’ scooters.

So we’ll offer some insights on getting around more easily with kids and scooters in tow. And share some of our other favourite parenting hacks too.

Over to you

You may have noticed that we’ve been sharing some #ScooterSummer moments on Twitter and Facebook.

But we’d also love to see your favourite #ScooterSummer moments– memorable scooting days out, top trips with the scooter or maybe even the scoot back from school.

Or tell us if you’ve ever had a scooting day out when a ScooterSlingz bag might have made a fun scooting day out even more fun. Perhaps when you struggled to carry the scooter on a busy train after a sight seeing trip? Or the moment you had to lug it across the sand after a carefree scoot along the beachfront?

Please tweet or post your photos, or share your stories, with the #ScooterSummer hashtag.

Finally, we’re running a fantastic #ScooterSummer Competition and giving away two prizes of stylish ScooterSlingz bags so be sure to enter for your chance to win!


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