#ParentLifeMadeEasy Mother Pukka

Alexandra Faint

Anna Farquharson AKA Mother Pukka, entertains us daily with her blog for “people who happen to be parents.” She can make us laugh or cry before 9am most days, with her witty banter and raw honesty. Anna recently left what she openly described as her dream job as a copywriter at L’Oreal Group, to spend more time with her three year old Mae and pursue her projects as Mother Pukka. Not an easy decision for someone who had spent years forging a much loved career, but one many parents have to face. We are confident she won’t regret it, as we’re not the only ones poised to see what she’ll be doing next. With close to 30K Instagram followers she’s got quite an audience. Anna didn’t fail to entertain us, once again, when we asked her all about her challenges as a mum…

Since becoming a mum what have you have found to be most challenging?

Getting anywhere on time! Like, I think we all have those moments of ‘right, out the door’ and then there’s a nappy explosion or a need for some raisins [insert other unreasonable toddler tantrum-needs here].

You’re always travelling around town with Mae, what are your tips for keeping her entertained on the go, in the car or on the tube for example?

To be honest, she loves all the adult stuff. I let her chat to people on the Tube – it brightens up other people’s days (unless they hate kids, obvs) and keeps her entertained. She has a stockpile of 10 questions she merrily asks strangers. Yesterday we were on a train sat next to a woman called Imogen who likes giraffes, loves sandwiches and whose favourite number is ‘9’. People are Mae’s entertainment (plus the occasional dash into a toy shop in a code red scenario).

What is your #ParentingLifesaver? The one thing you couldn’t survive without.

Boring but it has to be wet wipes. I could clean an entire house with one and pretend the urchin has had a bath with one sweep.

Does Mae have a favourite toy she couldn’t live without, that if she lost all hell would break loose?

Yes. Tilly the dinosaur. He is closely guarded at all times. I even drew a picture on her wall of Tilly to cement his (not a ‘she’ apparently) importance. This photo had my mate saying, ‘ah so cute you let Mae draw on her wall’. Er no, that was an hour of artistic endeavour.

There are so many amazing parents out there doing what they can to make life better for their kids and trying to master the work life balance, do you know any particular favourites we should follow?

My absolute fave is Steph from Don’t Buy Her Flowers. She’s good on the Internet and in real life.

Lastly we are following your #FlexAppeal campaign. We know too many parents who have been forced to leave work by inflexible companies and think what you’re doing is great, how’s it all going?

It’s a work in progress – like with everything in my life! I’m just trying to keep it light, but with a strong underlying message. We just did a vlog on it channelling Salt ‘n’ pepa’s ‘Let’s talk about sex.’

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