#ParentLifeMadeEasy SnoozeShade

Alexandra Faint

When you have a child, sleep can be the bane of your life. One week they won’t sleep in their cot, the next week they will. One week they nap at lunch time, the next week they nap in the morning. You can’t keep up and quite frankly any aid to making this aspect of parenting easier gets a big thumbs up from us. If you don’t have one, you must know someone who does and raves about it. Snoozeshade, founded by Cara Sayer, is essentially a blackout blind for the pram/carseat that protects your child from sun, wind, cold etc and helps them to sleep on the go. Cara told us about how she came about starting Snoozeshade and reveals some of her parenting tips, we especially love her idea that juggling work and home is like being on a see saw...

Since becoming a mum what have you have found to be most challenging?

The huge amounts of guilt we mums put ourselves under sometimes. It’s a job you get no training for and you’re left to muddle through the best you do and yet we still beat ourselves up because we haven’t achieved something that probably isn’t achievable. I particularly felt guilty about the time I had to spend away from my little girl when setting up my business but now she’s so proud of her mummy and that she was the inspiration. It’s fab and makes me feel it was all worthwhile.

The SnoozeShade is fantastic for helping children sleep on the go, have you got any tips for keeping children entertained when they’re awake, in the car or on the tube for example?

Well I always said I would never be a parent who relied on technology (haha) but I do let my daughter on my phone if desperate for entertainment. We also play old fashioned games like I spy and a game invented by a friend called the NaNa NeNaw game – I could tell you what it was but I’d have to kill you ;-)

What is your #ParentingLifesaver? The one thing you couldn’t survive without. 

A sense of humour.. Even the worst thing can be dealt with if you keep it all in perspective. I’m going through a divorce at the moment and my sense of humour has definitely kept me and my daughter sane ;-)

Does your child/children have a favourite toy they couldn’t live without, that if they lost all hell would break loose?

She has a few, we have Gerald the Giraffe and Cuddly the tiny bear and Pink Bear (who’s big) she was more attached to them when she was tiny (she’s 8 now going on 40) and nowadays we’re more likely to have a problem if she lost a programme she has recorded on Sky!

There are so many amazing parents out there doing what they can to make life better for their kids and trying to master the work life balance, do you know any particular favourites we should follow?

I don’t know any famous ones that spring to mind – I just think of my friends at home and in business who all face the same struggles that I do and so when I need a bit of straight talking or comfort I am very lucky in that I have people to turn to who get what it’s like to try and pretend we are mastering work/life balance. I actually don’t believe in the work/life balance myth as I believe it’s like a see saw and one day work takes over and then you have to let life be in charge and then back to work.. It never feels like a balanced act!

What inspired you to start SnoozeShade and have you got any advice for other mums considering starting their own business?

It was the simplest of things – I became fed up of hanging blankets over the pram to help Holly go to sleep or to protect her from the sun, cold, wind etc. I came up with the idea of a blackout blind for prams and then subsequently parents have told me what they would like and there are now versions for infant car seats, travel cots and pram sunshades for older toddlers. My advice is to do your research, work out if there is a gap in the market and if it’s a product idea you’d better have some cash as it’s a cash-eating business.

To learn more about Snoozeshade visit or find them on Twitter or Facebook