Alexandra Faint

This week we’re kicking off our new #ParentLifeMadeEasy campaign. Our very own ScooterSlingz founder Penny spent too many days struggling home from the school run carrying her children’s scooters along with all the other kid related paraphernalia we have to lug around. We know it all too well, whatever age they might be there is always something…. Snacks, drinks, balls, bikes, scooters, change of clothes, nappies. Children do not travel light, which means parents do not travel light! Penny created the ScooterSlingz bag for folding away the scooter so it can easily be carried or stored away at home, going some way to making parent life that bit easier.

Penny is a mum of two girls who lives with her family in East London. Not only does she run ScooterSlingz but she works on many different projects and is a tutor at Digital Mums, so she knows all about the challenges of juggling home and work life and getting the balance right.

Over the next few weeks we will be talking about all aspects of parent life, be it the best bits or the not-so best bits. We’ll be laughing and crying about the biggest challenges of parenthood and sharing tips for making parent life easier. Love it as much as we do, we could all do with being given a break or two.

What’s more we caught up with some mega mummas to get their tips for life.  Whether it be  from keeping their kids entertained on the go or starting their own businesses, we’ve got the goss from Anna, AKA Mother Pukka, who struggles to get “anywhere on time,” Steph Douglas from Don’t Buy Her Flowers who can’t live without the iPad, Leo Wood from PlayPen who struggles with the “constant ache between the eyes” and Jenny Thomas from Smallprint who told us she couldn’t live without her husband.

In a couple of weeks we will also be launching our own #ParentingLifesaver competition, giving you the chance to tell us what you couldn’t live without as a parent. Enter for a chance to win a ScooterSlingz bag of your own and go a step closer to parenting nirvana! Whether it be Iggle Piggle, your blackout blinds or a cheeky gin, we wanna know what gets you through the day.

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