Love your child's scooter but not the hassle when you're left carrying it?  You need a ScooterSlingz bag!

The unique, award winning design allows you to quickly pack a 3 wheeled scooter such as the Mini or Maxi Micro into a compact and easy to carry unit, leaving your hands free. 
Perfect on public transport, around the shops, carrying the scooter while cycling (with little one on the back) or simply when your child has had enough of scooting.
The ScooterSlingz bag is also great for packing the scooter neatly and safely out of the way in a restaurant, theatre or cinema, or as a neat storage solution at home - simply pack it up and hang it along with the kids’ coats.
Made from very strong but lightweight materials, the waterproof back section keeps dirty/wet wheels away from your clothes while the aerated front section allows a soggy scooter to dry.
Your ScooterSlingz scooter bag can be packed away in its small stuff bag when not in use 
Enjoy the convenience of taking your kid's scooter anywhere - without the hassles!
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Using your ScooterSlingz bag is easy

  1. Press release clip on underside of scooter to remove handle
  2. Pack scooter base in ScooterSlingz and slot handle in behind
  3. Fold over lid section and fasten to create a neat unit to carry or store


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